Measurement and control


In this sector, MPT represents the interests and products of WALCHEM Corporation in Holliston, Massachusetts (USA). WALCHEM is a leading manufacturer of sensor technology and controllers for the surface technology and for the water treatment technology, including pH-, redox and conductivity controllers as well as special controllers for the cooling-water and boiler water conditioning. Besides the measuring transducer, these controllers include also a control program, adapted to the respective application.



Monitoring, alarming – control and telecontrol systems:


The W600 series offers a reliable, flexible and high-performance automation of your water treatment. The multichannel controllers with a large touchscreen display are highly versatile for cooling towers and boilers, for controlling pH / ORP / conductivity in the wastewater treatment and for controlling disinfection processes. Two general-purpose sensor inputs or up to four 4-20 mA inputs enable to perform various tasks. Six relay outputs or up to four analog outputs (4-20 mA) are available for directly connecting dosing pumps and actuators. Select between mechanical relays or optical-coupler outputs to proportionally control dosing pumps with contact input. Ready-to-use features enable a wide range of applications for each output and facilitate set-up.

Line charts of all measured values can be displayed. An integrated logging function makes for a complete documentation of the water treatment. W600 series controllers enable remote maintenance via the Internet.

Online demo

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The W100 series is a premium choice among the entry level controllers for water treatment. These low-cost devices are very versatile – they may be used for cooling- and boiler water conditioning, for pH / ORP / conductivity control in the water treatment field and for controlling disinfection processes. A general-purpose sensor input ensures exceptional flexibility; one control may be used with nearly any kind of sensor. W100 controllers are available as wall-mounting boxes or in a ¼ format for switch panel mounting.

Plating Controllers

Controller for electroless nickel baths / Controller for electroless copper baths:

Streaming-Current Detectors

Measuring and control technology for dosing liquid media in the chemical water treatment

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