Pulsair: Pneumatic Impulse Mixing 

Homogenizing large tank volumes, mixing-in additives during the production of lubrication oil and suspending solids in a liquid phase are typical applications for the pneumatic pulse-mixing technology of PULSAIR. The process, patented worldwide, is based on an injection of an adjustable pressure pulse underneath an accumulator plate, installed on the bottom of the mixing tank. The injected pressurized air forms a big air bubble, soaring within the tank and displacing the surrounding liquid. Meanwhile negative pressure is generated underneath the bubble, sucking the surrounding material. This produces in the tank a vertical flow directed upwards, adjustable according to the requirements by varying the pulse length and the pulse duration.


YouTube video schematically showing how it works



Contrary to mechanical agitators the height of the tank is very marginal. No moving parts or shaft bearings are in the tank. Therefore this system is very insusceptible against disturbances and maintenance-free to a large extent.

The PULSAIR system is adaptable to any size. Pressurized air as well as nitrogen can be used as the operating medium.

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Pulsair: Pneumatic impulse mixing technology for homogenizing large tank volumes

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