Powder Dosing Devices

The controlled dosing of dry substances requires exact knowledge of settlement and flowability.


MPT offers volumetric dosing devices designed as variable-speed screw conveyers. The dosing accuracy strongly depends on the properties of the substance to be dosed. To adapt the device to the substance properties a variety of utilities such as tapping, vibrating and pre-mixing units as well as a specific conveying screw with a discharger are offered. Furthermore vibrated intermediate hoppers and a Teflon coating of device surfaces are available.

Functionality of a polymer treatment system (click to enlarge)

MPT personnel have gathered experience with dosing the well-established substances in water technology such as lime hydrate, aluminum sulfate, bentonite, polyelectrolytes and many more. For little-known substances appropriate pilot tests are recommended before operation.

Top view of a 3-chamber polymer system (click to enlarge)

From left to right (click to enlarge)


Large treatment system.

Hopper with screw conveyer.

View into the hopper onto the screw conveyer.

Powder-dosing devices, dosing appliances for water technology with in-depth know-how

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