Dynamic Inline Mixers / Static Inline Mixers

Dynamic Inline Mixers

Dynamic inline mixers have, contrary to static mixers, a driving motor with variable agitator speed, providing for the required mixing energy.


The main field of application for dynamic inline mixers is the intensive and adjustable mixture of polymer flocculation agents with the sludge to be dewatered on dewatering machines like (belt) filter presses.


Using dynamic inline mixers the active ingredient contained in the polymer is dispersed evenly in the sludge to be dewatered, resulting in a noticeable improvement of the dewatering characteristics and a considerable reduction of the required flocculation agent. A suboptimal mixture of the flocculation agents is often compensated by a considerable increase of the dosed quantity. In many applications the flocculation agent is dosed in a stronger dilution to improve the miscibility. However, this means that water which actually should be detracted from the system is now added to the system. In a multitude of applications it has become apparent that using a dynamic inline mixer the dewatering is much better with at the same time less amount of chemicals.

View through a flange into the interior, onto the mixing shaft. View through a flange into the interior, onto the mixing shaft.
Dynamic inline mixers
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Dynamic inline mixers
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Static Inline Mixers

Static inline mixers are widely used in many procedural systems because they are relatively low-priced, need little or even no place and are installed without much time and effort. When we discuss on "inline mixers" we should bear in mind that this can stand for two very different device types, divided up into static and dynamic inline mixers.


The static inline mixer merely consists of a pipe section with two couplings allowing for a trouble-free installation into an existing pipeline. The mixing components integrated in this pipe section consist of deformed guide elements producing an intensive mixture of the media flowing through. Static inline mixers work without drive mechanism and seals and enable the mixture of additives like flocculation agents or the mixing-in of acids and bases into the wastewater stream in neutralization plants. The main fields of application are the liquid-liquid mixture and the dispersion of a gas phase into a liquid phase. These mixers are employed in water treatment, petrochemistry, chemical industry, plastics technology, food technology. This mixer model is less suitable for substances containing much solid matter or fibrous substances. Soon both may cause plugging. Furthermore it has to be considered that the necessary mixing energy is withdrawn from the flow resulting in a pressure decline in the piping.

Static inline mixers
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