Dosage of liquid media


MPT is a distributor for the product range “industrial applications and products” of the MILTON ROY group. In several works, MILTON ROY produces a multitude of dosing pumps and other components for the chemical plant sector. The array of dosing pumps ranges from few ml/h up to 5 m³/h and includes pumps for high-pressure applications up to 500 bar. As driving mechanisms magnetic drives, electric-motor drives as well as pneumatic linear drives for the supply of pressurized air or gas are available.



Dosage of powdery media


A multitude of chemicals is supplied in powdery form and needs to be dissolved prior to the application. For indissoluble products a suspension has to be made. MPT supplies dry-material feeders for all established products such as lime hydrate, aluminum sulfate, bentonite, polymers etc. Depending on the requirement, the delivery flow is adjusted manually or by a guide signal. In order to optimally adapt the devices to the tasks, a wide range of accessories is offered such as intermediate hoppers, heated conveying screws or vibrating units.

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Chemical-dosing systems for industrial applications

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