Dosing Systems

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Dosing system for acid (left) and caustic (right).

Sodium hydroxide-dosing system.

Chemical-dosing systems are developed and manufactured for various applications and processes as complete, ready-for-connection function modules.


Selecting the components and materials for constructing these systems requires long-year experience and comprehensive knowledge of the specific properties of the substances to be dosed. A lot of media are toxic and harmful to persons. Moreover, many are harmful to the environment and the groundwater.

Substance properties such as a high viscosity or a high vapor pressure compromise the liability and a safe function if not considered when selecting and installing the pumps.


For many years, MPT staff has been working in this specific area and gathered much experience when implementing hundreds of applications for nearly each topic in the range of premium dosing technology.

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Sulfuric acid-dosing station.

Hardness stabilizer-dosing station.

Oxygen-dosing system: Left: switching station, right: dosing station.

Chemical Dosing Systems for various applications and processes of premium dosing technology

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