Blending Systems

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In many processes the chemicals to be dosed need to be treated before use, e. g. by simply diluting the concentration as delivered down to the concentration required for the process. This can be carried out manually after appropriate instruction by the operating personnel or automatically using a dilution system specifically designed for this task. During dilution the chemical reactions of the medium (e. g. concentrated sulfuric acid) which may endanger persons or destroy the system have to be considered. Other media are extremely malodorant or harmful for the operating personnel. When designing these systems the escape of gases (e. g. hydrazine/ammonia) must be prevented without fail.

Blending and dosing of ammonia (click to enlarge)

Dry substances fed in aqueous form into the process using dosing pumps must be diluted or suspended before. For this application, MPT has a range of powder-dosing devices available and is experienced in dosing suspensions.

Specific knowledge is required for treating organic flocculation agents (polyelectrolytes). These substances are available in liquid as well as in dry form and must in each case be diluted down to a concentration of 0.1 to 1.0 % to be ready for use. Depending on the substance, different maturing times are to be considered so that the flocculation agents can achieve an optimum effect. In order to meet all requirements MPT offers a variety of polymer treatment systems for liquid and dry substances in all required sizes.

Blending and dosing of phosphate - click to enlarge

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Blending and dosing of ammonia. Part of a system consisting of two stations arranged in mirror-image relationship.

Blending and dosing of hydrazine and ammonia.

Blending and dosing of sodium hydroxide.

Blending systems for dosing ammonia, hydrazine, sodium hydroxide

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