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Federal Water Act (§ 62 WHG)
for Construction and Maintenance

Further Information to the Activities: Welding of steel and stainless steel pipeline systems; Welding and Bonding of thermoplastic pipeline systems; Installation of safety-relevant plant components and waterprotecting equipment.
The planning, design and initiation of chemical facilities for dosage will be executed. The installing and welding work of certified subcontractors is supervised.

These Activities belong to the following equipment forms:
Storage, Filling, Transshipping; Producing, Treating, Using.

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Management system as per DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
Planning, construction, implementing and service of equipment for the processing, suspension and dosing of chemicals.
Metrology and control engineering. Mixing technique and Pulsair.

Certificate according to ISO 9001-2015.p[...]
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Technical regulation TR CU 010/2011
"On safety of machinery and equipment" of the Customs Union and Eurasian Economic Union

MPT Cert. TR CU 010 EAC RU.pdf
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