Industrial Applications

Sulfiding agent for the petrochemistry

Wherever an agent is added to a process in a controlled and adjustable manner dosing pumps can be applied. Using modern dosing systems this can be carried out against nearly any high pressure or into a vacuum.


Modern and innovative controlling technology combined with electric or pneumatic actuators or frequency converters enables a quick and exact adaptation to changing process requirements.


The multitude of pump models and available materials enables the handling of nearly all media. The implementation of complex dosing systems, often found in industrial applications, requires besides high-grade and multi-purpose dosing pumps vast knowledge of materials and their resistance against the media to be dosed as well as of the hydraulic influences of oscillating displacement pumps on a piping system.

Lubricant-dosing system.


Therefore MPT prefers to offer complete functional units with integrated fittings like overflow valves, pulsation dampeners, balancing vessels, non-return valves and everything necessary for safely operating a dosing system. Also complete dosing systems with dosing tanks, storage tanks, pre-dilution systems and chemical preparation systems are constructed and supplied according to the requirements by the customer.

From left to right (click to enlarge)

Dosing system for phosphate and oxygen scavenger.

Dosing system for hydrocarbons and toluene.

Grinding-aid-dosing system.

Industrial applications dosing pumps dosing systems

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