Disinfection Control

Disinfection controller of Walchem (click to enlarge)

Walchem disinfection controllers are employed in disinfection processes for monitoring the biocide concentration or triggering biocide-dosing pumps. The applications are to be found wherever bacterial contamination endangers a production process or even the health of people. The long-lasting amperometric sensors with rugged membranes and integrated temperature compensation ensure an excellent long-term stability. They are available for measuring chlorine, bromine, chlorine dioxide, ozone and peracetic acid and thus cover nearly the entire range of the usual biocides.

Application in a fruit-washing plant (click to enlarge)

The Walchem disinfection controllers correspond to the high technical level of the Walchem microprocessor controllers and are nearly universally applicable. Assembly and putting into service are quite simple since all essential functional elements like control relay for dosing pumps, alarm relay for monitoring the flow rate and signaling the exceeding of limit values or lack of chemicals are integrated in the controller. The most important data are stored and downloadable to a USB stick.

The acquisition of a complete panel including the controller and the flow cell wired to it spares the customer the assembly work for sensor fitting, flow meter, flow switch and shut-off devices.


Disinfection technology dosing chemicals

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