Cooling Water Conditioning

Erection of a dosing system for chlorine bleaching and sulfuric acid

The appearance of power plants is mostly dominated by a number of cooling towers visible from afar. In these cooling towers the water utilized for power generation is cooled down for further use or returning back to nature. The temperature of the water stimulates the growth of algae, shells and other organisms. These organisms are undesired in the cooling water because they prevent the heat transfer and with it the cooling performance and cause an early wear of the cooling plant by a higher degree of corrosion.

Assembly on site

To avoid these problems biocides are dosed. In most cases this is chlorine bleach liquor dosed into the cooling system, continuously for maintaining an efficient chlorine concentration and additionally in intervals as shock chlorination. With increasing pH values the chlorine bleach liquor loses is oxidizing effect. This requires a continuous control of the pH value and an adjustment by dosing acid. In the vast majority of cases concentrated sulfuric acid is applied for this. When storing and dosing concentrated sulfuric acid into the water circuit the special properties of this agent have to be taken into account to prevent an early corrosion of system parts and an endangering of persons and environment. In order to prevent calcium and magnesium to be coagulated, hardness stabilizers are dosed additionally.


For the aforementioned tasks, MPT supplies complete functional units, preassembled on base frames and checked or installed in heated or air-conditioned containers.


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Dosing system in Turkey.

Dosage of chloring bleaching.

Chlorine bleaching dosage directly out of IBCs.

Cooling-water conditioning dosing technology with efficient components

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