Cooling Water Conditioning (Industrial Plants)

Desalination control in a protective box (click to enlarge)

Cooling water accrues in a multitude of industrial plants. This water is to be cooled down in suitable re-cooling systems before reuse or recirculation to nature. Whether the water to be cooled comes from air conditioners, air washers, power-generating plants or machine-cooling systems, a precise control of the water quality and, if required, a conditioning is crucial for preserving the cooling performance on the long run and preventing corrosion as far as possible.

pH measurement of chlorine (click to enlarge)

The repeated use of the water as a cooling medium and the permanent contact cause an absorption of impurities unwanted in the cooling system. As long as these are finest solids they can be removed from the cooling circuit using a filter system. Dissolved salts increase the conductivity and have a corrosive effect. To decrease the conductivity, the cooling water is drained and at the same time fresh water is supplied to the system. This so-called desalination process should be mandatory and effected reliably by continuously measuring the conductivity in the cooling system.

To prevent coagulation of calcium and magnesium as far as possible, a hardness stabilizer is dosed in many processes. This stabilizer can be dosed in proportion to the quantity of the makeup water if a suitable water flow meter is installed in the makeup-water supply.

Control of sulfuric acid, corrosion inhibitor and biocide (click to enlarge)

The growth of organisms like algae and shells can considerably constrain the performance of a cooling system and cause an increased corrosion. To prevent this, biocides (chlorine in many times) must be dosed. As the organisms may develop a resistance on the long run an additional shock dosing at fixed intervals (once a week) is recommended. All these dosing and desalination processes are reliably controlled and monitored by the Walchem cooling-tower controller. Deviations from the preset values are alerted by an alarm relay. The controller includes a data logger whose contents can be simply downloaded to a USB stick.


To ensure the efficiency of the dosed chlorine in dosing systems it is required to adjust the pH value using acid. For this we offer the Walchem pH controller which has of course the same features as the cooling-tower controller. For the further optimization of the chlorine dosing a disinfection controller is available which measures the chlorine concentration using a diaphragm-covered amperometric sensor and triggers a dosing pump depending on the measured value.


Cooling-water conditioning industrial plants dosing technology

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