Concentration Control

Concentration controllers for electroless nickel and electroless copper

8 m³ bath for electroless nickel (click to enlarge)

Electroless nickel and electroless copper are common substances for surface treatment and circuit board manufacturing. When nickel-plating components, the nickel concentration and the pH value in the bath must be continuously monitored and adapted to the requirements. This is manually feasible by a photometric titration under laboratory conditions but requires relatively significant personnel resources when carried out frequently according to the requirements.

8 m³ bath for electroless nickel (click to enlarge)

Walchem nickel and copper controllers continually measure the concentration by means of light adsorption of the coloring characteristic for the corresponding medium. After adjustment to the usual process concentration, deviations are immediately displayed and a signal is transmitted to the nickel pump. The latter reacts accordingly and restores the nickel concentration towards the preset value. At the same time a Walchem pH controller monitors and controls the pH value.

Measurement and dosage of electroless nickel (click to enlarge)

In copper bathes for plating through circuit boards the copper concentration must not exceed a maximum value. When this limit value is recognized by the copper controller a duplex-bellows pump is started removing an adjustable volume from the bath and simultaneously adding the same volume of fresh copper solution.


The two devices come with a number of useful options like limit value monitoring, alarm relay and a display with good visibility. As the output signal, besides the pump control a 4 - 20 mA analog signal is available.


By means of the WebAlert monitor, measured values and alarm notifications are transmitted via email or cell phone text message.


MPT supplies controllers, flow cells and necessary cooling units completely with the dosing pumps, pre-assembled on a panel and ready for operation.

From left to right (click to enlarge)


Dosing and measuring equipment for electroless nickel.

Fully automatic measuring and dosing equipment for electroless nickel.

Measuring and dosing equipment for electroless nickel with pH control in a protective cabinet.

Measuring and dosing technology for electroless nickel and electroless copper

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