Condensate Polishing

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Ammonia-dosing station.

In the condensate-polishing field, high demands are made not only on the dosing pumps but also on the entire dosing system regarding reliability and safety. The media normally to be dosed are hydrazine, ammonia water, trisodium phosphate and, depending on the process, oxygen and sodium hydroxide. Some of these substances are toxic and malodorant. These properties have to be considered when designing the systems. Hydrazine and ammonia must be diluted from the supplied concentration down to a dosing concentration.

Sodium hydroxide-dosing station.

Often the substances must be dosed against pressures of 150 bars and more and with a high reliability. This leads to high demands on the pumps, fittings and pipes and requires a conscientious and premium handcraft. MPT has 25 years of experience in manufacturing such systems and has gathered a multitude of references of systems all over the world.

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Dosing system for ammonia and sodium hydroxide.

Container station for diluting and dosing sodium hydroxide.

Carbohydrazide-dosing station.

Condensate polishing dosing technology with MPT’s high-quality systems

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