Complete systems for the chemical dosage for conditioning the boiler feed water in power plants

Systems for pressures up to more than 200 bar. Dosing tank made of synthetic material or stainless steel. Pumps, tanks, controls and instruments together with the control cabinet on a common base frame, completely wired and piped.

MPT has gathered long years of experience in this field, resulting in a multitude of references.

Chemical storages, refilling systems and dosing systems for the cooling-water conditioning

For the treatment of cooling water, large volumes of chemicals are applied. The common chemicals for these applications are: biocides (often hypochlorite), sulfuric acid, hardness stabilizers and corrosion inhibitors. Handling and correctly applying these substances requires special knowledge and experience. The MPT staff has this experience and is pleased to be at your disposal for specialized information.


Gas dosing in the boiler water conditioning (oxygen)

Depending on the chosen process, oxygen is also dosed for conditioning boiler water. Normally the supply of the dosing station is carried out from gas cylinders. Subject to a guide signal, the dosing volume is adjusted by an actuator-driven needle valve. MPT has the required experience, talk to us if it is about oxygen dosing.


Preparation and dosage of liquid and powdery polymers (flocculation agents)

In the water treatment, flocculation aids for accelerating the sedimentation and dewatering sludge are applied. Prior to their application, these so-called polymers (polyacrylamide) must be dissolved and in many cases matured before they can achieve their maximum effect. In close cooperation with the suppliers of these substances, MPT has developed various blending systems for powdery products as well as for emulsions.

Complete functional units with analytical, measuring and dosing equipment

Measuring physical and chemical parameters with the dosing equipment connected with it has been one of MPT’s fields of activity for many years. We have numerous references relating to complete units. These functional units can be supplied preassembled on mounting plates or completely with the dosing equipment, built into containers. We deliver the measurement instrumentation for pH value, conductivity, redox potential, chlorine concentration and corrosion. Using the WebMaster, these systems can also be telemonitored.


Equipment for dosing chemicals using complete systems for the water treatment in power plants

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